While doing some research before deciding to get my Cavachon, I found that it was very hard to find any real reviews or other information from actual owners of Cavachons.  In order to help others better understand what to expect from the Cavachon breed, I have written a review based on my personal experiences with my own Cavachon!

My male Cavachon, Kasey, has been a joy to own from the very beginning.   In this review, I’d like to describe the transition from the breeder to my home, his overall temperament, his physical characteristics and how housebreaking went.  Most reviews don’t cover all these things, so I want to share as much as I can.  I hope some of you will also share your reviews on this page as well.  As you know, general breed characteristics can be the same, but each dog is special!


I’ve had him since he was eight weeks old and he’s just over a year old now, so I’ve watched him grow up!  From the start, he has been easy going and lovable.  As a case in point, I had him shipped via Delta  Airlines from Iowa to my home in Ohio.  The trip did not bother him in the least – in fact, when I opened the carrier, he happily scampered out to lick my face with his tiny tail wagging.  He was relatively quiet during the first couple of nights when I first brought him home and it didn’t take too long before he was completely quiet during night (about 2 weeks).  I kept him in a cage in my room during the night and occasionally, he would yelp to let me know to take him outside.  During the day, I would block off the doors to my kitchen and move his cage there.  That way I could keep an eye on him and not have to worry too much if he had an “accident” on the vinyl floor.  I would leave the door to his cage open and he would “nap” in it when he was tired.  All in all, the transition from breeder to my home went very smoothly.


Kasey is a lovable companion.  He follows me around the house and enjoys being with me.  When I sit on the couch, he jumps up and curls uponto my lap.  I go to sleep at 10 every night and if I am late, he is there waiting for me (a creature of habit, I guess !).  Yes, I do let him sleep in my bed.  He is generally quiet  until he sees a squirrel in the back yard, then he’ll let out a loud string of “hey, get out of my yard” barks.  He has a hilarious repertoire of grunts, moans, and growls that he uses to get my attention or beg for a treat.   He is very intelligent. In fact, he knows the difference between some of his toys.  When I say “Go get your ball”, he actually brings the ball back!  He knows several commands including:  sit, lay, paw and dance.  Finally, he loves getting his belly scratched.


As I mentioned earlier in the review, Kasey is just over a year old now.  He weighs about 18 pounds and he is 14 inches tall at the shoulder.  He has mostly white, curly hair.  I take him to the groomer roughly every other month because his hair will grow quite long (3″) if left uncut.  I like to keep his hair about 1″ long on his body and 2″-3″ long on his tail.  He has very expressive dark brown/black eyes that just melt you when he looks at you.  His ears are very long – an attribute from the Cavalier – that tend to drag on the ground when he is sniffing about.


Despite the fact that Cavachons are very smart dogs, it still took Kasey quite a while to get the knack of going to the bathroom outside.  It probably didn’t help that I moved when he was 6 months old.  But now, at just over a year, he is almost completely trained.   I taught him to ring a bell attached to the door when he wants to go out.  A little warning for you…this is a great trick to teach your dog, but if you aren’t around to hear the bell, you will run into problems.  You may just want to teach your dog to bark!  I taught him to go outside by first taking him out regularly and giving him a treat when he went to the bathroom.  If he had an accident in the house, I would immediately take him outside and reward him if he went out there.

Overall, this is an excellent breed – these dogs make great companions who have tons of energy.  I hope this review is helpful to you.  Please feel to let me know if you have any questions.

242 Responses to “A Cavachon Review”

  • jean says:

    Michelle S, my cavachon is 5 yrs old and had (both types of bladder stones)removed in May. I understand very common with spaniels. Jean


  • shannon says:

    Oliver is now nine years old….I cannot imagine a more adorable, loving and smart dog to anyone. He is bigger than they say one should be, 35 pounds of pure love. Everyone where I live stops to tell me how adorable he is and ask just what breed he is…many think poodle because of his curly, Bichon fur. He is both very intelligent and very stubborn but he is also a cuddler and he sleeps in my bedroom every night but not on my bed.


  • Michelle S says:

    Has anybody been dealing with their Cavachon having recurrent issues with bladder stones?


    jean Replied:

    My 5 yr. old cavachon had many bladder stones removed this May. It still seems to be a problem. She Hill,s CD chicken stew. many urine tests and lots of money!


    Anonymous Replied:

    Yes…I have and my vet put her on Royal Canin and she’s passed them. Not a problem sonce


  • Marea says:

    I am interested in having on but am concerned about exercise. How much do they need?. Recently had to have my English Springer put to sleep, she was 13.5yrs old. We real l y enjoy walking and was wondering how much exercise they can take with no ill effects.


    Michelle S Replied:

    My Cavachon who is three years old walks with me 4-5 miles a day in one stretch with no issues.


  • DAN says:

    My family has a 4 year old Cavachon “Cooper “. He is the best . We love this little guy . He is social, great personality, smart as a whip and is protective and attached to his family . The whole neighborhood loves him . If anyone wants a Beautiful dog for their family. Cavachons hands down. My recommendation.


  • Emma says:

    Any suggestions on how to stop puppy biting my cavachon Sadie isn’t that bity but she will bite once in a while


    Olivia Replied:

    Unfortunately puppy biting is a faze that every pup does through. It’s should pass. Most dogs who puppy bite are either feeling the feet or getting over excited some just play like that. To stop it …well it might just fade in its own as the puppy gets older but in a firm voice say “no”. If the puppy really young don’t be to harsh young dogs to respond well to negative vibes. Also be aware that he/she could be teething so getting some puppy teething cream might work and a chew toy as well.


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