We have a three month old Cavachon who barks for hours upon hours.  She will stop momentarily for a treat, then continues on.  We’ve ignored her to no avail.  We tried spraying her with water, but she likes it and barks even more.  Help!  At wits end!



Hi B.,

We had a problem with Kasey barking at squirrels and birds in the back yard, and we live next to woods so they are always around. Someone suggested I put a few coins in an empty pop / soda can (or beer) and shake it when he barks and tell him “no bark.”  Well, Kasey really hated that can noise and would stop. As soon as he barked again, I did the same thing. It did not take too long for him to get the message!!! Now, I just have to get the can out if he reverts to his old ways. He knows what is coming if does not stop barking.

It’s worth a try. Let me know if it works for you!

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2 Responses to “How Can I Get My Cavachon to Stop Barking Excessively?”

  • Lorraine says:

    Hi I have a beautiful Cavachon who is 10 weeks old settling in beautifully. However she has had on and off soft stools with blood and mucus in it. But has been as lively as a button and well. Until last night where she was sick and off and sleeping alot. I know she aint dehydrated. I was about to take her to the vet who only checked her 2 weeks ago and said everything is fine. Someone suggested it could be her food. Therefore although this is what her breeder gave me Im not sure whether this is what she was really eating originally. Does this sound plausable that it could be her food and also any suggestion the best dry food recommended for cavachons please. Thank you


    linda prance Replied:

    I have got a 8 month old cavichon the food i have got him on is harrington puppy food and that is dried food , thee only place that sells it is tesco , but he loves it and i have had problems with food for him he is fussy.


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