On Mother’s Day (5-9-10) I went on this really long car ride.  It was about 50 miles to my grandma’s place.  The ride started out odd as I was in the back seat with mom.  My dad was driving and my uncle was in the passenger seat, which is where I usually sit.  My mom volunteered to take the back seat and I sat with her.

It was a nice ride and very comfortable.  But truth be told, I am used to shorter car rides.  Earlier that morning they woke me up, put me in a car, and when we stopped I was ready to run!  I was so excited to get out of that car and be let free!  My mom thought I would stay by her like is usually do, but being let out of that car with no restraints – I just went CRAZY!  I was running all over!

Soon, a car came down the road.  Everyone was still calling me and holding up toys to get my attention.  Ha, running free is way better than any toy (apparently the treats were buried in the trunk – that may have done the trick!)  Luckily, the car stopped and it was a very nice animal lover that just waited until I settled down.   My Dad was the one to get a hold of me (I was grinning the whole time) and scold me.  Then Mom scolded me.  I hated being yelled at but still love running around!  What was the big deal?  I was finally set free after being contained in that little space for so long!

So, the question my mom has for the Cavachon Cove followers tonight is…..does  your pooch fear the road and cars?  If so, how did you teach that?

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5 Responses to “Learning About Cars”

  • seskh says:

    With our 9 mo old, we’re sometime successful saying “car” and having her respond by sitting until we “dismiss her” by sating come along. Receiving a treat and praise follows which was part of the initial training. (Sequence was “car- sit,” w/ lots of reinforcement, then a small treat and big praise.) We isially begin saying “car” when we hear a motor. He usually follows the vehicle and is ready to move when it passes.
    We’re note experts, this just seems to have worked.

    p.s. We also do not have sidewalks.


    Lori Replied:

    I am going to try this. I like that idea.



  • Ann says:

    Our doesn’t fear cars and she doesn’t run or walk towards it either. I think it’s cause we travel lot and therefore she had no choice but stay in the car for long ours at a time. Also because of these long drives we take, she is used to seeing and hearing fast cars when the window is down and therefore she would step away from the window when she sees and hear a loud car passing.
    So when we stop in parking lots, garage or rest areas… she stays away from moving vehicles.


  • Buffy's mom says:

    No, my little one loves to try and catch the cars, so I also would love to hear some advice on how to remedy this affection for wheeled friends!


    Lori Replied:

    No one is helping us out on this one….
    We do not have sidewalks where we live so are forced to walk in the street. It is not a busy street, luckily. However, when a car does come, Kasey will try to go toward it rather than away. Most of the time it is a neighbor who will stop to chat, so he probably thinks cars are friendly just like the people inside them!


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