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Cavachon Groomer


If you have had your Cavachon for at least 6 months……probably 9 or more in most cases……your puppy has probably had a haircut by now or in need of one.  I originally thought I would be performing that task myself, I even bought clippers.  I have two boys that I had given haircuts to for a very long time.  But, when the time came for a trim for Kasey, I was fearful of approaching this pooch with clippers!  He was so darn cute, I just could not do it!  I had been trimming his toenails all along, and had no problem with that.  The haircut though, I (wisely) chickened out on!  I found a local groomer, was very happy with her, and still use her to this day.  We now are on a schedule of getting a haircut about every 9 weeks.  Kasey looks cute with the long hair, but it gets difficult to keep up with, as the longer it gets the more frequent combing is required.

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