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cavachon bell training

Kasey's "Bell" - He rings this when he wants to go outside

There have been several people who have asked about housebreaking their cavachon, specifically using the bell ringing technique.

When we first started to train Kasey to “go” outside, I had not heard of the bell technique.  We got him when he was 8 weeks old.  Since he was so tiny, and pottied so frequently, I tried getting him to use puppy pads.   For us, that was just a joke!  Kasey  was confined to the kitchen area which had a vinyl floor.   The pad would move all over when I tried to get him to stay on it – which in itself was a problem.  When he was just roaming around, he would play with and chew the puppy pad!  I could not have the pad around and also get him to only use it for its intended purpose!

I also very quickly had the realization that I really did not need to devote any time to trying to get him to use the pads.  Our ultimate goal was to go outside to go potty, so why wouldn’t start with that as our potty destination from the very beginning?!   I don’t think Kasey peed on one of the puppy pads even once, and in less than a day we ruled out that training method.

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We have had several inquiries about Cavachons and housebreaking so I have decided to write about our experience with Kasey going through the process.

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