We have a 15 week male cavachon.  He is usually very sweet and loving, but has what we call  in the evening, where he growls & nips.  I know he is teething, but we are not sure how to handle him when he gets like this.  Just wondered if your dog behaved the same way as a puppy?


Hi B.!

As far as the “tazmanian devil” hour goes, yes, we went through that, except ours was not limited to a specific time of day and did not occur only once! These guys are used to hanging out with their litter mates and they play and chewed them all the time! When he tried to do the same with us, we would give him a very stern “NO BITE” while at the same time distracting him from biting us by putting a toy in his mouth. They hate feeling that they have displeased you as well as being startled by your tone and correction. If you can get him interested in a rubber type chew toy, that would be good. Kasey never really had much interest in a Kong or a chew-type toy. Your puppy is biting so much now because, like you said, he is teething. That will go on for a few months, but he can still learn that he cannot bite people, only toys. Praise him if he starts biting the toy instead of you. You also have to make sure that your guests do not let him bit them. Often times they do because it does not really hurt. If they let him, though, he will be getting a mixed message. If the distraction does not work, separate him from everyone (just for a short time) and that will also help him to get the message. To this day, once we got through that stage, Kasey has never put his teeth on anyone nor chewed any socks, shoes, furniture, or anything else he was not supposed to. He does however destroy his stuffed toys. Oh well, I’ll take that over the other things!

If the growling gets to be a problem and distracting him with a toy or trying to play “fetch” doesn’t work, I would use the separation method. Your puppy really wants to be with you, and eventually will get the message that what he is doing will cause you to isolate him and he will adjust that behavior. I will caution that if you are crate training him, don’t lock him in his crate for misbehaving (unless you are really desperate and need a break – it happens) because you don’t want to associate his crate with punishment. That is his bed and a comfort zone. If you have to leave the room he is in and go to another room for a short time, that works, too.

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4 Responses to “What are the Biting Habits of Cavachon Puppies and Cavachon Adults?”

  • cavachon lover says:

    My cavachon is very affectionate and friendly. He seems skidish of young kids, but thats because my niece chased him around the house. If your child is gentle, i believe it is a great dog. My chavachon is playful, loves to cuddle and fetch. He loves to be walked and play. These dogs do not do well being left alone for hours i feel like.


  • Anonymous says:

    I just bought a Cavachaun puppy who is nine weeks old.She does like bitinng but when i tell her off she stops.Isometimes tap her on her nise and tell her naughty she then stops.


  • Lou says:


    I’m considering getting a cavachon puppy for my 5 yr old in a bid to banish his extreme fear of dogs. They look very cute and cuddly and this breed I think would be better to use for this instance. We love dogs and would love to bring a puppy into our family. Before we had children we bought a female cocker spaniel, she was so beautiful, but I was terribly allergic to her and sadly we had to take her back to where we bought her from. So… I wanted to ask you two things… 1)Would a cavachon be a good pup/dog to have around children especially one that is particularly scared of dogs. 2)Would this breed be OK for my allergy?


  • Jess says:

    hi i have a 10week old cavachon called Bella she is a very feisty pup my problem is she continues to bite/nip, we are using the toy distraction method which does work but only for 30 seconds or so also we do the separation method is they anything else we could do?? any tips would be great as its getting quiet stressful thankyou


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