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Groomed Cavachon

I usually experience this adventure about every 8 weeks.   I know that a lot of Cavachons – and most other dogs, too – really hate going to the groomer, but so far I am OK with it.  Maybe that is because by the time I go my hair is hanging in my eyes and is so long that when I get combed it seems to take forever.  I get all these tangles, especially in my “pits” or whatever you want to call those areas at the top of my legs and arms.  It hurts sometimes when my mom is trying to get them out! She has started using a comb just like the one she uses on her eyelashes and that has made things a lot better!  My groomer, Susan, has started to cut the hair there real short and that really helps, too.  No one can  even tell (except me and my mom when I am getting combed).  This is one of the Cavachon tricks we have learned over time.  Maybe other dogs would be happier with this technique, too!  I can’t believe that Cavachons are the only dogs with tangled pits!

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