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Hi there! My Fiance and I just brought home our two month old Cavachon Alice and she is just adorable! I found this website before we brought her home and I have found it very helpful so thank you for that. So far she is settling in nicely, she’s been home for a week and has done pretty good with housebreaking. We bring her outside to the same spot several times a day and she does her business almost immediately. Theres been a few accidents but that is to be expected. I know she is a puppy and this is to be expected, but she is really nibbling on our hands quite a bit, sometimes to the point where we can’t even put our hands near her. We tell her no, take our hands away, and put a toy in her mouth and that works sometimes. I know she is playing but I’m worried to bring her around kids for fear that she will get too rough with them. I don’t want to keep her away from young kids because I want her to get comfortable with them!

I guess basically what I’m asking is when do they typically stop that habit? She is the first puppy for my Fiance and I and we just would like to see a light at the end of the tunnel! Also, she gets pretty bad tear stains on her eyes. We were told to rub that area with a wash cloth which we have been doing but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Any advice? Thank you again for this great site.



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