Dog toy basket

My basket of dog toys!

Just like any other Cavachon I have heard about, I LOVE my toys! It is a really special day when I get a new dog toy to play with.

Cavachon Toy Basket

Going to get a toy out of my basket. Yay!

I have a basket that all of my toys are kept in. I have had that same basket ever since I arrived at this home – it was waiting for me with lots of cool dog toys in it! It is decorated with a couple of ribbons tied to the handle – denim ribbons, and they are not tied in a bow! After all, I am a boy, and my mom wanted it to look nice but not frilly! For some reason, I have never chewed on any part of my basket. I guess it is because it is so important to me. I am afraid that if I ruined my basket, my mom might take that away along with all of my toys! I really love picking through the toys until I find just the one I am in the mood to play with. I still have a few of my original toys – or at least parts of them! My first favorite toy was a dog that was bigger than me. Unfortunately, all that is left of my toy dog is one of the ears. I will still find that ear in my basket sometimes and go to sleep with it (I know, awwwww, how cute.)

Cavachon Playing

Almost got the squeaker!

Let me tell you about the fate of my toys….. if it has a squeaker inside, I am on a mission to get it out! I can rip a toy open, scatter the stuffing all around, and remove that squeaker in no time! My mom will think she has found a dog toy that I cannot destroy, but I soon prove her wrong. She used to take away the toy after I broke into it. She would throw it on a shelf until she had the time to sew it back up. We would call those toys my “misfits” because they were usually missing some body part. I would still love them, and soon rip them open again. I am always so proud of myself when I get inside a toy, but no one gives me the praise I think I deserve! Instead they take the toy away. I just don’t get it.

Lately, my mom has quit repairing my toys like she used to. She will still sew them up sometimes, but doesn’t put all the stuffing back inside anymore. She just throws that away! Some of my toys are empty of the stuffing now. Oh well, I still love them just the same and play with them.

Cavachon Toys

Please don't take my toys even though I ripped the stuffing out!

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18 Responses to “Cavachon Toys”

  • Tom Beacham says:

    Our little guy…9 months old YOGI loves to chew…we purchased one of the deer antler type chews…but he chews so hard I am afraid he is going to crack or break his teeth. Is this normal…he destroys every stuffed toy and just can’t get enough chewing done in one day. Thanks…Yogi is the cutest, most handsome little guy..tri colored..and just the sweetest little guy. He recetnly had his little snip snip operation, so at least that is behind us. 🙂


  • Ava says:

    I don’t have dog ,but my cousin has a cavachon who rips the stuffing out of all her toys! Now they are just flat pieces of fabric she plays with! If she has toy with a spreaker she shreads it till she gets out!! 😀


  • Crystyna says:

    No, that’s what I’m asking about. They aeappr about the same size as Modulex (although I’ve never used Modulex), and AFOL are a creative bunch – I wouldn’t be surprised if someone figured out a way to integrate them with regular LEGO bricks as well. Oct 25 ’11 at 21:06


  • Isaiah says:

    Obviously they aren’t going to fit right on top of a LEGO stud. But the question is about geranelly compatibility – for example, are they compatible with Diablock (for which there are LEGO-compatible adapters)? Are they compatible with Modulex, which is a Lego Group product incompatible with standard LEGO bricks but at the same scale? Are there any LEGO pieces which will serve as a hacky adapter? Oct 26 ’11 at 10:00


  • Craig says:

    I have a 2 year old Cavachon named Dexter, and we gave up on stuffed toys long ago. Unfortunately he is down to about 3 toys he has yet to destroy (two balls and a tire). He has a rope toy for supervised tug of war, but if he gets alone with it, he just tries to eat it (not good for his tummy, and not fun to pick up after, ick.)

    He has even shredded “indestructible” rubber bones! Dexter’s little dagger teeth can piece the outside repeatedly, until chunks begun to come out. Replaced them several times before giving up.

    For an actual chewie toy, we periodically buy him small deer antlers, which last a good while. Raw hides are gone in an hour, and also rough on his tummy, but the antlers seem to work great. They aren’t cheap, around $10 each, but he loves them!


    Lori Replied:

    I just heard about deer antlers and am anxious to get one! I have kept Kasey’s favorite toys (or maybe it’s really my favorite toys) after he unstuffed them and he still plays with them.
    I also got him a couple “West Paw Design” toys and those are working well for us. I got them for his birthday last June and they are still completely intact!


  • Samuel says:

    I love my cavachon named buddy! He is so cute!


    Lori Replied:

    Send us Buddy’s picture! We’ll post it up on our site with Kasey’s Friends.


  • Anik says:

    OMG I have your Cavachon’s twin! My Cavachon Kina is the exact same when it comes to stuff dog toys! Her mission is to get the stuffing out of it! I tried the Kong stuffing free stuffed toys with the squeaker in its head. It lasted a week she has totally ripped a whole in its head and gotten at the squeaker. The rest of the body is ripped to sheds!

    I won’t tell you about the time I gave her a Beanie buddy. What was I thinking? Lol

    Your story was too funny! Lol. If you find a toy your Cavachon hasn’t dystroyed let me know.


    Samuel Replied:

    Buddy is the same.


    Kasey Replied:

    Whaaaat? Isn’t that what I am supposed to do??????


    Lori Replied:

    Haha – have not found one yet, but we have a lot of “unstuffed toys” that were not bought that way! Thank goodness he does not care to eat the stuffing on those, he just wants to get to the squeaker.
    You have got to keep a close eye on any new toy, I worry about that plastic piece (the squeaker).
    Not sure if the unstuffed are any better since he seems to enjoy taking out all that stuffing before getting to the squeaker…..I know you all know what a room looks like after getting a hole in a toy…We all wonder HOW DOES SUCH A SMALL TOY HOLD SOOOO MUCH STUFFING??? And, how does that dog get it all out of that little hole??

    Jeanette Replied:

    Oscar is just the same. I now buy rubber toys that have rope ends and he loves shaking them and they seem to last a long time.

    When I brought Oscar home at 10 weeks, I wasn’t prepaired (went to see him, intending to come back at the weekend and pick him up, but I just could’nt resist his beautiful eyes, so had to have him there and then), I had no dog bed,so I gave him a large stuffed teddy to sleep on and although I got him a bed the next day, he continued to sleep on his teddy for months, until he was too big to curl up on the teddy’s tummy. His teddy then became his ‘girlfried’. In the evenings, I would allow him into the sitting room and he would only go if he could bring his girlfiend along. He grabs her by the nose and it’s so funny to see him pulling her through the house, into the sitting room.

    He’s now a year old and after months of sucking on her nose, It finally gave way and over a few days he removed all the stuffing from her head. She is now a lovely fluffy teddy with a flat head. When I wash her, Oscar keeps jumping up on the sink and sits by the dryer, watching over her until she’s dry.


    Lori Replied:

    Too cute, we still have Kasey’s first “bed partner.” It is pitiful, but he still loves it. In the day, it was a cute doggie that was bigger than him.
    This is slightly off topic, but I recently came across toys that, so far, he has not destroyed. There was one in the waiting room of our new vets office and Kasey loved it so much I got him a couple for his birthday.
    You all know I don’t usually promote products unless tried and true, and we like our two new toys made by West Paw Designs. We got a frisbee and and “S” shaped toy. Kasey goes crazy for both of them! Even a bigger plus, he has not destroyed either yet! Plus, they have a one time replacement guarantee! I felt like I could not go wrong.

    Lori Replied:

    We need Kina’s picture, too!


  • Buffy's mom says:

    When Buffy was a puppy, she once got into my daughter’s feather pillow! Nicole didn’t want me to know and be upset with Buffy, so she didn’t tell me. The next time I took Buffy out to “do her business”, feathers went flying everywhere!! This was only the beginning of Buffy’s love affair with stuffings, so we have gone to stuffingless toys only now!


    Lori Replied:

    I literally laughed out loud when I read that! I can just picture the feathers flying!


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