Have a question my ten month old Cavachon Cozmo chews and destroys his bed (2) so far, any stuffed animal toy, I have thrown away at least 10 so far. And plastic ones he chews till he gets little pieces and then of course I throw those away too. He dosent’ chew on anything that is not his but a person could go broke keeping him in toys. I have purchased the kong toys but he doesnt’ really care for those. Anyway to break him if the destructive habit?

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Hi S.,

I have to tell you, we have the same problem! Kasey loves to unstuff his toys! He has a whole basket full of them because he still loves and plays with them. Thankfully, he has always left his bed alone. He was never in to the Kong toys, either, and would also chew the plastic ones and break off pieces so I had to throw all of those away. Thankfully, Kasey does not eat any of the stuffing from the soft toys or I would be in big trouble!

Not too long ago I came across toys that were made by “West Paw Design.” They had them in our vet’s office and Kasey was playing with them. I found them on Amazon and ordered a frisbee (he loves chasing one outside in the summer but the standard ones did not last long) and another “S” shaped one that he chases and chews on inside. I liked them because the company will replace it one time for free if your dog ruins it, so I figured it must be pretty durable. I have to say, we have had them for about a year now and they are still in perfect shape! Kasey will still get one of his unstuffed toys more often, but I do find him chewing on the West Paw one sometimes, too.

I recently asked a dog trainer how to stop a puppy from ripping open their stuffed toys. She said that from the very beginning you have to take away the toy they are trying to rip and give them something they can chew on – she said she loved using deer antlers – I had never heard that one. She was not a fan of rawhide bones at all and said they are actually bad for dogs. Anyway, they will learn what they can chew hard and what they cannot. I asked if I could teach my 4 1/2 year old dog this and she said “yes” but it would take a while and I would have to be very, very consistent.

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5 Responses to “How Can I Stop My Cavachon from Chewing and Destroying his Stuffed Toys?”

  • Toby Black says:

    I had 2 Cavaliers and one passed away. I am thinking about the Cavachon. Many of the comments match what my dogs did as puppies. One licked doors and scratched them them when he wanted a treat. So I guess all dogs have these behaviors. I love the size of these breeds and the companionship.
    All the comments from owners help me. Now I just have to decide which one fits best in my household with a dog and cat!


  • dave.manchester.uk says:

    Is their a certain way the cavachon should be cut at the groomers. Ours is 15 month old when we take him to be cut they cut his coat so close he looks like a different dog.we comb him every day but thecoat aalways gets knotted


  • Suzanne says:

    My cavachon Cozmo will be two years old in May, I I brush him almost daily and he goes to the groomer every six to eight weeks. This spring he is really shedding something he didn’t do before. I was wondering why. I ask here because neither my groomer or Vet have ever taken care of a Cavachon before. I hope thus is just a spring thing and stops soon I am cleaning my floor daily picking up dog hair. Anyone else have this problem?


  • Jen Brooks says:

    The only thing ive found for our 7 month old boy to chew that stands up is lenghts of braided rope from the hardware store, cut at 2 ft lengths and tied in knots. He chews and gets to play tug and they usually last a couple weeks. For less than $1 a foot ive found its worth it!!


  • Dawn says:

    Hi, our 5month old cavachon puppy girl likes to chew anything made of wood, doors, skirtings, thankfully she hasn’t started on the furniture, is this a normal trate for this breed?


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