I have been looking and studying different breeds of dogs and I love the Cavachon. I have learned that the Cocker Spaniel has a distinct odor, maybe because of their long ears. I was wondering if the Cavachon has an odor?



Hello A.,

I don’t really notice any odor from Kasey under normal circumstances.  I will say, though, if he gets an ear infection, there is an odor that comes from the ear.  It is sort of a sour smell.

Cavachons also have long ears and therefore are more prone to ear problems.  As long as you make sure that you do not get water in  the ears during a bath –  or if you do, dry them thoroughly –  everything is fine 🙂

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4 Responses to “Do Cavachons Have an Odor?”

  • Charlie says:

    Are they good dogs to take on a 6 to 8 mile hike, or more of an indoor dog?


  • Pam says:

    Hi My 2 year old Cavachon does have her own scent – rather musky but then she’s always running through grass etc so it’s expected. Most dogs/animals have a scent (even humans!) it’s just that some are stronger than others. I wouldn’t care if mine stunk the place out, I love her intensely and wouldn’t part with her for the world. She is so individually charming and mischievous and at the same time dependable. If she’s left alone she has freedom of the house and just sleeps until we get home. Hope you enjoy your darling as much as we do!


  • julie says:

    Our Cavachon is 17 mo old…a great dog, but man, he stinks. We call it “sweaty little boy smell”. We feed high quality food, the same as my cattle dog eats, and the vet says he is healthy, just smelly. Sweet as can be, but the smell is bad.


  • Kerry says:

    My puppy went to puppy clinic last week, the nurser noticed straight away he had what they call “spaniel ears” apparently they are at increased risk of ear infections and cleaning once a month thoroughly helps reduce the risk of reinfection. He’s just over 10 weeks old.


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