I have had my Baby Sara a first generation Cavachon for 2 weeks now and she is just a love. I did a lot of research and am hoping to train Sara to be a Therapy Dog. I did purchase Sara and know that she is not a pure breed but either is my Emily a Golden Mix that I rescued 4 years ago. Emily is a Therapy Dog for Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. Baby Sara is just 10 weeks old and she is showing signs of being a very smart dog. Very loving. Thank you for your work on this site…



Hi S.,

Congrats on your new family addition and thanks for sending Sara’s picture. We have it up on the site. I think it is great that you want to bring her up to be a therapy dog – I have no doubts that she will be able to be trained for it. I have heard from a couple of owners of Cavachons that have raised their puppies to be successful therapy dogs. They are definitely a smart breed. Some of the things that Kasey does, or remembers, simply amazes me!

Best wishes!

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2 Responses to “Can Cavachon’s be Therapy Dogs?”

  • Howard says:

    It depends solely on the disposition of the dog. Any breed can be trained for Therapy Visiting. I am the co-ordinator of a Therapy Group in FL and we have 42 dogs of all breeds. Check with Therapy Dogs Inc for requirements. P.S. The dog must be one year old. Good Luck.

    Howard and Dice


  • denise says:

    I have two cavachons. My oldest cavachon, Tucker is a therapy dog and visits a local nursing home. Our youngest cavachon was res ue and gets too nervous to be a therapy dog! Havent seen any updates on Kasey..hows things going??


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