First of all, I’m so glad you have this website! I’m very interested in the breed but have trouble finding good Cavachon information. I did have a question for you. I live in South Dakota, and am concerned about the weather. Do Cavachon tolerate the cold okay? The new puppy addition would obviously be an indoor dog, but walks and potty breaks can’t always wait for right weather! I also have a German Shorthaired Pointer. He is socialized with smaller dogs but loves to play. At 5 1/2 months, Scout is currently 35 pounds, so he will be decently big. How has your Kasey done with bigger dogs? Play would be supervised but I want to know if Cavachons are sturdy enough to handle puppy play with bigger friends.



Hello K.,

Finally, a question that I can easily answer! We live in Northeast Ohio in the snowbelt area. Our Cavachon, Kasey, loves romping in the snow! On very cold days, we do not stay out long. This was the first year that I actually got him little boots for his feet. His little paws would be the first thing to get cold and he would try lifting them off the ground one at a time after a short time outside. It made me fee so bad. Plus, the salt they put on the road is bad for their feet and can make them sick if they lick them. I never thought he would let me put the boots on him or walk with them once I got them on – but he did. I started by putting them on only one foot at a time and rotating the foot. I would leave it on a while in the house. Then we moved up to two feet, again rotating a bit. Finally we went to four and I could tell that he was much happier outside with them.

We really do not do much in the way of walks in the winter, maybe only a block or so. We play with a ball inside and other games every day to get some excercise. We also have steps in our house and Kasey follows me when I go up and down!

As far as being with a bigger dog goes, the only one Kasey has been around much is my son’s dog that is about 45 pounds. Kasey has seen her frequently ever since we brought him home and they get along fine. In the beginning, it was the bigger dog that was intimidated by Kasey. They have their moments of a little bit of rough-housing, but it is playful and easy to stop. Usually, one just follows the other around. They even share their toys nicely!

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11 Responses to “How Well Do Cavachons Tolerate Cold Weather?”

  • Sheila says:

    How can I train my 2yr old Cavachon not to bark at Tv


  • Anonymous says:

    How can I stop my two yr old Cavachon from barking too much , at Tv for ex


  • Jan says:

    Should I put a coat or sweater on my 6 month Cavachons to tolerate Iowa snow and below zero weather?


  • susan collis says:

    Got my cavishcon today. ..his coat is very short haired and smooth….not thick and curly .is this mormal


  • Robert says:

    Oscar and Bobby go to the local authority run park which has a dog enclosure maybe 1 acre in size . Some days there can be as many as 20 dogs romping and rolling around in there and they can range from Jack Russell size up to the Great Dane and Bobby and and Oscar will play with them all quite happily. Only ever had 1 problem with another dog when a Rotweiller guarding a local public house tried to pull oscar under the fence leaving 2 puncture wounds round his snout area. Whenever we walk by that way now Oscar remembers and would rather walk on the other side of the road whilst Bobby who witnessed the attack on his brother will still go up to the fence if allowed. Liverpool uk does not get much snow but i do walk the boys in all weathers no problem , brilliant little companions they have become.


  • sinead says:

    Hi, can anyone help! Got my cavachon Molly spayed on friday, everything going well healing but she has not slept 1 nite since friday, she cries all night, never had a problem before.
    Any advice. Thank you


  • Anonymous says:

    Hello my puppy is just 13 weeks when do they get their adult coat


    caroline Replied:

    Hi I have a 10 month old cavachion pup he is weighing 24 pounds and is very tall .do you think he will get bigger ?


  • elen says:

    my cavachon has bad breath is that normal i brush his teeth and his breath still has an odor, he is 5 years old,


    Kathy Replied:

    We give our Callie a greenie everyday. Before her we had a bichon and he got one pretty much daily and he never had bad breath; neither does Callie. Also the vet always comments on how well her (his) teeth are.


    Madge Replied:

    Have the Vet check to make sure the smell is not the result of a cavity in the tooth. Also try not to feed your dog junk food and people food. Breath, as in humans, can result from digestive issues as well as dental issues!

    Greenies are very good I agree!


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