I could use all the help/suggestions you can give on potty-training my two cavachons — they are NOT puppies.



Hi J,

You did not say how old your Cavachons are, but for potty training it really does not matter, the technique would be the same. You are basically looking at teaching them where they have to go – every time – and rewarding them when they do – every time. Lots of praise and a small treat (I used Cheerios) go a long way. They really do want to please you and rewards let them know that they have.

There are two diffferent articles on Cavachon Cove about house breaking if you did not see them . Whether you want to use the bell method or not, the techniques still apply. Here are the links to those articles:

Cavachon Housebreaking Tips
Bell Training Your Cavachon Dog / Puppy

Another thing I did, which I am not sure I mentioned in the articles, was keep Kasey on a leash that was attached to me at all times when he was first let out of the kitchen area that was tiled. If I saw any sign that he was about to go, I immediately took him outside and then rewarded him when he pottied out there. I just felt that if I did not keep my eye on him at all times and he has an accident in the house, he would not learn where he was supposed to be going.

Good luck – I am sure they will catch on quickly if you are consistent. Cavachons really are smart dogs!

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3 Responses to “How Do I Potty Train Adult Cavachons?”

  • Tina says:

    We are about to welcome a Cavachon into our family.
    Does anyone have a Cavachon older puppy or young dog who is fully potty trained? How did you do it – the bell, the crate, etc.?

    I am interested to know your potty training success secrets.

    Since the Cavachon is half Bichion – I am concerned about accidents in my house. The Bichion – although a lovely, wonderful dog has a huge issue with potty training.

    Thank you!! Tina


  • Doreen says:

    Hi, I have a 14 week old Cavachon. We take him out frequently. Snickers does potty out side, but there are times after he does potty, he urinates with 10 minutes after going out side. He won’t go on his potty pads. I show him the pad but it doesn’t make a difference. Also he get this growling mean streak every day. I play with him a lot during the day as well up to 10-14 times a day out to do potty. Should I be thinking about getting a trainer in at this time or is Snickers still to young. He does get praises when he potties out side as will as a treat. Will this some thing he will out grown. The nipping when walking is something I have tried to teach him off. He’s adorable and loveable. I just don’t how to correct these problems and how long it will take. Thank-you


  • Laura says:

    I’m due back in work next week & I’m worried about leaving my puppy alone in his crate. He won’t be left for no longer than 4 hours as I can come home during my lunch break so he can have some time outside of the crate. Any tips and advice would be great thankyou 🙂


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