How can we stop our cavachon puppy from using our feet as chew toys? Or our shoes? I have not  had a dog in a long time. And this little one is so sweet. Thanks for your help.



Hi D.,

The biting thing is something that comes along with a new puppy. All puppy owners have to deal with this and here is what eventually worked for me:

Keep in mind, little puppies are used to hanging out with their litter mates and they played with and chewed on them all the time! Did you ever go in a pet store to see the puppies and they are all gnawing at each other?! When Kasey tried to do the same with us, we would give him a very stern “NO BITE” while at the same time distracting him from biting us by putting a toy in his mouth. They hate feeling that they have displeased you as well as being startled by your tone and correction (the correction is putting a toy in his mouth.) If you can get him interested in a rubber type chew toy, that would be good. Kasey never really had much interest in a Kong or a chew-type toy. Your puppy is probably also biting so much because he is starting to teethe. That will go on for a few months, but he can still learn that he cannot bite people, only toys. Praise him if he starts biting the toy instead of you. You also have to make sure that your guests do not let him bit them. Often times they do because it does not really hurt. If they let him, though, he will be getting a mixed message. If the distraction does not work, separate him from everyone (just for a short time) and that will also help him to get the message. To this day, once we got through that stage, Kasey has never put his teeth on anyone nor chewed any socks, shoes, furniture, or anything else he was not supposed to. He does however destroy his stuffed toys. Oh well, I’ll take that over the other things!

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