I have Cavachon named Quintin he is about 9 weeks old. Quintin is an adorable little boy but we have some behavior problems with him. To start, Quintin likes to sleep a lot – I don’t know if that’s  normal?  Then, when we pet him, he likes to bite our fingers too much. Lastly, when he goes outside, he won’t pee but will then will pee inside the house once we bring him back inside.  Please HELP!



Congratulations on your new Cavachon!

First, you need to understand that Quintin is still a baby!  9 weeks is very young and he probably has not been away from his mom & siblings for very long.  Just like new babies, new puppies do sleep A LOT!  Even when Kasey was 2 1/2 months old he still slept quite a bit.  It is what a lot of dogs do.

Next, as far as the biting goes, that is also normal for a puppy.  When they are still with their mom and litter mates, that is how they “play” with each other – little bites.  They just don’t know any better.  You need to teach Quintin that biting people is not OK.  There are several tips for this on the web site, as everyone with a new puppy goes through this.  When he tries to bite, pull your hand away and yell, very sternly, “NO!”  If he continues, punish him by not playing or holding him any more.  Don’t hit him, he’ll learn to be afraid and defensive.  Another thing to try is when he bites you, put a toy in his mouth and tell him to bite the toy, not you.  Make sure he always has some kind of chew toy.  Puppies lose their baby teeth and get new ones and they need to chew, just like babies when they are teething.

For the potty training, again, there are many tips and ideas on the web site from other people who have had problems.  Again, Quintin is still a puppy and learning.  You have to continue to teach him.  Take him outside a lot and praise him when he “potties” outside.  Especially be sure to take him out as soon as he wakes up, after you are playing for any amount of time, right after he eats or drinks, or if you see him sniffing the floor.  If he pees on the floor, immediately pick him up and take him outside and tell him he needs to go potty outside.

Puppies are alot of work and it can get frustrating!  If you train him well – it is especially important to be consistent – he will quickly grow into a loving  and well behaved dog.  You might even want to consider puppy obedience classes.  You can also talk to your vet for ideas.  And again, read the website as there are many ideas from others there.

Good luck with Quintin!

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7 Responses to “How Do Cavachon Puppies Behave?”

  • Tallulah says:

    I love pups


  • Leslie says:

    We have a wonderful male cavachon, Oliver, who is 9 1/2 years old. We are going to add another cavachon puppy to our family. Any advice on whether a male or female puppy might work best? I’ve heard that it’s better when they’re not the same gender. I’ve also heard it doesn’t make much of a difference…. Thx!!


  • Janice Pickens says:

    We have a King Charles Spaniel/Cavachon is nine months old. She does not come on command when we call her. She continues to lick the rug. How do we handle this. Also she likes to chew towels/blanket that was in her crate. Lately she whines after we go to bed and we have to take her out two to three times after midnight. We tried putting on the bed with us, but she pees as soon as she gets on the bed. HELP!!!
    Any ideas to solve thiese problems.


  • Mary says:

    Hi I just brought a 8 week old cavachon she is already going on the puppy pads .
    She does sleep a lot ,but thanks to your web site it put me at ease.
    What I like to know is how much to expect her to eat and how many times aday


  • L. says:

    I am a 15 year old girl that is dying for a dog. My dad is not going for it but i’m planning on putting in a ton of time of proving that I am responsible… But i need help proving to my parents that a Cavachon is the best choice for a dog. My dad likes bigger/medium dogs but I love Cavachons!!! What can I say that would make him fall in love before meeting our new puppy?!


    J Replied:

    HI there my daughter was the same and although I was ok with getting a dog my wife was a bit on the negative side. We already have a cat and a house rabbit so another pet was too much for her.

    In the end we went to a pet shop and they had a cavachon puppy there it was my wife that fell in love with him now Aflie has been with us for the last 4 months and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Perhaps you should take your dad to see a cavachon and hopefully he will fall in love with them to


    Jasmine Replied:

    I am in the same position. But what i did was talk too much about Cavis till he said yes!


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