My family is thinking of getting a Cavachon and I found your website when I was doing some research.  Thank you for doing this, it is very informative.

We do not live near any breeders so will probably be buying via the internet, sight unseen.  How did you find your breeder?  Do you mind if I ask who you got Kasey from?  We do not know anyone else who has a cavachon.  Thank you.


IMHO, a Cavachon is the perfect choice for anyone!

How did I find my breeder?  Well, when I finally settled on the kind of puppy we wanted I did an internet search for Cavachons up for adoption. I looked around as much as possible. I made a list of potential puppies and potential breeders. There were none nearby, so I knew I would either have to drive (a lot) or have the little guy shipped.

Once I had my list, I tried to do research on the breeders going so far as to find the addresses (sometimes that was difficult) and using google maps satellite views to zoom in on the property to see what it looked like! I was so nervous about getting a puppy mill dog. Then, I called each of the breeders, telling them the puppy(s) I was interested in. I basically interviewed the breeder, I had searched the internet to help me figure out what I should ask. I had a list of questions ready, asked all of them, and took notes. Some breeders did not let a customer visit the place, that was an immediate red flag for me – I would want to be able to see the place where my puppy was born and nurtured the first few weeks. Even though I knew I could not visit most of the places, I wanted to know that that would have been an option – I did not start out telling them I would not be able to go there.

I also asked about the parents of the puppy I was interested in – size, age, health, # of litters, anything else I could think of. I asked for pictures of the parents and a current picture of the puppy to be sent to me.

If someone did not cooperate with my requests, again, it raised a red flag.

I tried to find reviews, but most of the time the only testimonials were on the web site and I did not necessarily trust those, a breeder can post whatever they want on their web site and make it look real.

I ended up choosing a place in Iowa. The owners were a husband and wife team. To this day, I do not know much about the actual home, but in talking with them on the phone several – make that many – times, I was content with all of the info and conversations we had. They never made me feel like I was bothering them and welcomed my calls. They would return my call if I left a message. They worked with me on getting Kasey on the flight and airline I asked for (even though flights were delayed and the day did no go as planned.)

I have looked at their web site several times over the last couple years and it does not look like they breed Cavachons any more, I have not seen them listed for a long time. My guess is one of the dog parents got too old or had too many pups.

The puppy that was first on our list was actually gone by the time I made up my mind. I was very, very sad, but we knew we had better hurry and make our second choice quickly. Luckily Kasey (Casey back then) was still there and we put our deposit down immediately – I know now that is how it was meant to be

There are many rules about flying a puppy, they actually go as cargo. The part of the plane they are in is temperature controlled but the outside temperatures still have mandatory high and low limits in order to transport them. The puppy also has to be at least 8 weeks old. We had Kasey shipped to us the day he turned 8 weeks as we were so anxious to get him.

I might suggest you post a question in the forum asking others where they got their Cavachon from. Maybe some of our followers have some other good advice or a breeder they recommend. I believe that some of the people who have written or sent pictures picked up their puppies up in person. Hopefully you will get some response.

Good luck with your search!

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10 Responses to “How to Find the Right Cavachon Breeder”

  • andy chapman says:

    Does any one know a cavachon breeder in north yorkshire


  • andy chapman says:

    Is their any cavachon breeders in north yorkshire


  • Rana says:

    Does anyone know a breeder in Indiana?


  • Bryan says:

    Does anyone know of a breeder in the DC metro area? Northern VA would be best, but MD is ok as well.


    Bryan Replied:

    Ok, let’s expand the search… Anyone know of a reputable breeder in the mid Atlantic area?


  • Peggie says:

    We are looking for a reputable cavachon breeder in Ohio. Has anyone purchased their cavachon in Ohio?


    Anonymous Replied:

    got our Cavachon in Peebles Ohio and she is healthy wonderful puppy


    Abby Replied:

    At what breeder?


  • louie says:

    looking for a cavachon where do i start


    Karen Replied:

    Once I decided on the cavachon, I did a lot of research on the breeders from the New England area, since that is where I live. I got my little one from The Monarchy in Massachusetts. She is 6 months old and has an absolutely delightful personality. She loves everyone, loves all dogs, and never barks!!! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good breeder. There is also a great forum on their site with lots of information. However, there is a long waiting list so if you’re interested in the NE area, I would contact them and get my name on the list now. Good luck…


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